Jammber, now Mozaic, got its start in 2015 after graduating from the Project Music accelerator program. Although our initial vision was the creation of a project management platform designed to streamline splits, payments and compliance for creative teams, and a Splits mobile app to track ownership in real-time, our artists made it clear that what they really needed was an easy, transparent way to get paid for their projects. 

Cue Covid-19. As streaming services boomed and global collaborations increased, the influx of demand for a split payment platform became huge – not just in music but in podcasting, video gaming, eCommerce, gig work and more – and we knew we were onto something. This is when Mozaic was born. We repurposed our tech stack into an API-first, global split payments platform for enterprise companies and creative professionals where users can automatically send and receive payments with collaborators across the globe.

While rebranding to Mozaic represents us serving the entire Creator Economy beyond music, our mission remains the same: to put more time and money into the lives of creators and be the premier payment platform for the world’s co-creation economy. 

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